Mtoto News

Sauti Zetu Training



areas to be covered

Content creation

  • Writing
  • videography and editing
  • Podcasting
  • Graphic design/Art

Communication and collaboration

  • How to use digital
    platforms to create
    movements for good
  • Digital Advocacy

Toto facts

  • Identifying fake
  • How to write factual

Online Safety

  • How to identify online
  • Reporting online
  • Online mental health
    Supporting friends
  • Mindfulness online

Social Accountability

  • Laws to do with
  • Analysing policies
    from a children

Child Led Advocacy

  • How to organize
    themselves for active
  • How to communicate
    to decision makers

Training and Mentorship

  • Our Sauti Zetu training aims at giving¬† children theoretical and practical skills to navigate the digital world.
  • We acknowledge that skills without practice are not meaningful, so through our mentorship program we help children exercise the new skills by providing them a platform to create, interact and engage.

The children then join our growing network of nextgen digital story tellers, digital child activists and influencers.




After 17

This is our apprenticeship program for young people who have gone through our programs and still want to want to be connected. The programs:

  • 6-12 Months paid volunteering in one of our departments where they get on-the job training.
  • Linkages to youth organizations
  • Support in applying for opportunities
    such as fellowships, college and

Some of the children who have gone through the program are members of regional and global children platforms, have spoken in national, regional and global meetings including UNGA, COP27, ACERWC sessions and many, they are content creators with regional following and are advocating for a safe digital/physical environment for all children.


  • Young Climate Activist using digital
    platforms to advocate for action
  • Host of the National Geographics Kids and
    Nature show
  • Acclaimed poet, using poem to advocate
    for change especially stop of FGM

Member of the COVID under 19 and renown child MC, having Mceed National and regional events

  • Vied for Member of County Assemby in Kenya
  • Member of COVID Under 19 and has been accepted at the Africa Leadershiip Accademy
  • Law student and has been Accepted for the Amazon Leadership Initiative