The mushrooming of young creatives in Africa

Nigerian kid actors, Ikorodu Bois and Emmanuella Samuel have been nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2021 as favorite African Social Media Stars.

By Vera Alberta Okidi

Over the years, many creatives have risen in Africa, entertaining, informing and educating the masses on issues affecting us globally. Some are adults but children have also risen in the world of creativity. Thanks to social media, they have garnered support from their respective regions and even crossed the boundaries to gain influence across the continents.

Videos of kid influencers have been on the rise, with a number of kids trying to make the best out of their talents. An example is given of Emanuella Samuel, Chinedu Akuwudike, Ikorodu Bois who are kid actors in Nigeria and have played a major role in the entertainment industry to highlight just how African households operate, of course, with a little or too much fun added to it.

The Wakastarz of Uganda are also making it big in the new age of the internet. The child stunt actors have brought fun to the lives of many people across the world by using locally available materials for their stunts. From music to low-budget movies, theirs is to ensure they do what they love while entertaining their fellow kids with the hope of acting with major stars across the world. Masaka kids Africana are also in the business of entertainment. Their diversity brings them together as they sing and dance to provide for their needs and create awareness on orphans who have gone through worst of experiences but manage to keep their smiles.

Kenya has not been left out. Late 2020, 9-year-old Bridgit Bema became the internet’s sensation after a viral video of her being called out for multiple offences in school. The fast rising kid star is the sister to comedian Oliver Otieno, popularly known as YY. Clearly this is a situation of tapping into a child’s talent and exposing them to the world to ensure their talents don’t go to waste. As seen in the comments of netizens, her comedy is the type that many people can reasonate with, mostly children and not excluding adults.

While the internet may have its own share of insecurities, these kid influencers have not given up and continue to push through. Theirs is to ensure in a world of crazy, people get comfort in their entertainment. They also aim to earn themselves a livelihood and connections that will help them in future. 

These kids, however, still remain humble even with the international recognition they get. Bridgit, for example, got recognized by major stars including Don Jazzy, but that did not get into her head. In an interview by an international media, she says she was humbled. She urges her fellow pupils to be obedient and respectful. Also, she has dreams of being a pilot in future.

Popular kids’ entertainment show Nickelodeon, also recognized Emanuella Samuel and Ikorodu Bois after being nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2021 as favorite African social media stars.

This only means that there are a number of talents that need tapping into. A little support from parents, guardians and society as a whole could bring about the rise of stars who will change the perception of African children by building their confidence and allowing them to use their creativity for their betterment and that of society.

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