Mental Health

Child wellbeing

By Constance Ndeleko Improving Children’s Wellbeing Childhood is a very valuable time. It is a time for growth, development, exploration and developing the fundamentals for adulthood. But we know all these important elements can be damaged by the development of a mental health disorder or poor mental health as a child or young person. At …

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The Unseen Scars

Children’s  Mental Health during the Pandemic-India By Geetika Gautam In these challenging times, the pandemic has shaken and disturbed lives across the globe, being extremely destructive with more than 34.7L deaths worldwide and India accounting for more than 3.0L deaths. The real number is widely believed to be far higher with many people dying outside …

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Mental Health Crisis on Children

Children Voices By Manga, 15 years. Mental health is one of the biggest issues affecting many of my peers, that must be curbed before it blows out of proportion. Most of mental health illnesses that adolescents go through are depression, anxiety and stress. This is brought about by instances like; too much work load at …

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