School Reopening: Schools in Kenya to remain closed

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the 6th Extraordinary session at State House on November 4, 2020

By Collins Orono

Millions of School – going children will remain at home following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s order that schools be fully reopened in January 2021.

Addressing the Nation from State House in Nairobi, the President stated that students who had resumed classes would continue learning but under heightened measured. He further directed that the rest of the students would resume learning in January 2021. 

This was after the 6th Extraordinary session on Wednesday, October 4, 2020, Session of the National and County Governments Co-ordinating Summit. 

He noted that the Covid-19 positivity rate which was at 4% in September has shot up to 16%. In October the country had registered more than 15,000 new cases and approximately 300 deaths. 

Uhuru recalled that he had warned the nation against backtracking on the gains, cautioning that the cases could spike if Kenyans did not continue to observe the mitigation measures. 

The President stated that the government would double its efforts to enforce Covid-19 safety measures. 

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