Mtoto News


  • Live streaming

    We provide comprehensive live streaming services, ensuring dynamic real-time engagement for events, conferences, and special occasions. From seamless live video coverage to instant Twitter updates, our services are tailored to enhance your audience's reach and interaction. By combining cutting-edge technology with strategic social media management

Mtoto News offers research services in the child-focused field, leveraging our expertise to provide in-depth insights and analysis. Our work aims to contribute valuable knowledge for the advancement of programs,
policies, and interventions dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of children.

  • CHILD Lab

    CHILD is Mtoto New's dedicated children's research lab poised to provide valuable insights for clients seeking to enhance their products or services targeting the youth demographic. Our specialized facility employs rigorous methodologies and a child-centric approach to deliver comprehensive research and analysis.

  • Campaigns and advocacy

    Mtoto News specializes in developing and executing impactful advocacy campaigns within the child-focused field. Through strategic planning and a deep understanding of children's needs, our services aim to raise awareness, promote positive change, and champion the rights and well-being of young individuals.