Pupils Stranded after Rains make Bridge Impassable

Drivers and motorcyclists were forced to seek alternative routes to reach their destinations

By Ivy Maloy

Learners and workers from a city slum have been left after heavy rains rendered the bridge they normally use impassable. The Kayaba-Hazina bridge, which is used by pedestrians and motorists, could not be accessed on Tuesday and Wednesday after a mound of garbage interfered with the flow of Ngong River, causing water to flow over the bridge.

Drivers and motorcyclists were forced to seek alternative routes to reach their destinations. Youths from Kayaba and Hazina slums volunteered to help people cross the river, but charged each person Sh20.

At one point, four primary school girls who were assisted by a man to cross almost plunged into the river after slipping. “Thank God the children did not die after they slipped while crossing the bridge,” Mr Rodriques Lunalo Madevu remarked.

By Wednesday morning, water was still flowing over the bridge without showing any signs of receding. A group of about ten youths did booming business by helping people to cross the bridge at a fee.

They provided gumboots to their ‘customers’ and helped them cross while they held their hands. Others decided to carry people on their backs. A boda boda rider burnt the midnight oil on Tuesday night transporting people across the bridge at Sh20 each.

In April this year, a man died after he washed away by raging waters as he assisted people to cross a flooded footbridge in the area. That night, two youths drowned after the footbridge collapsed on top of them, pushing them into the flooded Ngong River.

“Two people were swept away as they helped people cross that night after heavy rains upstream around the Ngong Hills and Kibera slums. A lot of water in the river was witnessed that day after the Silanga dam in Kibera Line Saba burst,” South B Assistant County Commissioner Michael Aswani Were told the Nation.

“Up to today, the body of the second man is yet to be recovered since the day of the tragedy in mid-April this year,” said Makadara police boss Timon Odingo.


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