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        Virtual event hosting includes:

    • Planning. This involves helping our partners and clients think through the virtual meeting goals and strategies, identifying the right platform, selecting a time for the virtual conference, and identifying speakers and moderators.
    • Developing a program. This involves scripting the webinar and preparing all materials required for the event, including infographics, pre-recorded messages, and speakers’ talking points.
    • Publicizing and marketing. This include developing online assets to encourage people to join/register for the meeting.
    • Registration includes monitoring the registration data and contacting the panelist and attendees accordingly.
    • Executing the event involves moderating the conversation, questions, crowd control, technical support, social media live posting, and streaming.
    • After-event follow up. This includes following up on the social media chatter about the event using a hashtag and giving input where necessary, conducting a post-event survey to understand participants’ experience, share meeting outcomes with attendees, and make webinars public for those that missed it if the content is not company-sensitive.
  • Mtoto News works at the forefront to support government agencies formulating policies concerning children.
  • Through hosting and running Children related campaigns like ‘Ending Child Violence’, ‘Stopping FGM’, ‘Accessing Justice System to Children’, and ‘Policies Launching’, we have developed close contact relationships with Kenya’s Department of Children Services, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, The Law Courts, among many other government agencies.

Supporting Government Agencies

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