MCK Speaks on Protection of Children’s Rights by Media.

According to brief released by the Media Council of Kenya on protection of children rights; the council highly notes with great concern violation of children rights by media through reporting of child related stories without protecting the right to privacy for minors.

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 under Article 53 (d) recognizes the right of all children to be protected
from abuse, neglect, harmful cultural practices, all forms of violence, inhumane treatment, punishment,
and hazardous or exploitative labor.

The council is calling upon all media covering child related stories to be vigilant and cognizant of child protection policies while covering stories involving the minors. They also called upon online content producers and journalist to be cautious against irresponsible use of photos and going against child protection ethics. They have also been reminded of the need to adhere to journalism code of conduct as it thoroughly applies to online and offline users, where any violations will attract disciplinary action.

Accordingly, journalists and content producers are advised that:
• Children shall not be identified in cases concerning sexual offences, whether as victims, witnesses,
or defendants. Except in matters of public interest, for example, cases of child abuse or
abandonment, journalists shall not interview or photograph children on subjects involving their
personal welfare in the absence, or without the consent, of a parent or other adult who is
responsible for the children.
• Children shall not be approached or photographed while at school and other formal institutions
without the permission of school authorities.
• In adhering to this principle, a journalist shall always consider specific cases of children in difficult

It is paramount that all media professionals and users care for the well-being of children no matter the situation as it can have detrimental impact in their lives; mental health issues, lack of self-confidence and low-self-esteem.

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