Kenya to partner with the UN to promote girls’ online safety

ICT CS Joes Mucheru at a past event. Photo source: Twitter

By Collins Orono

Kenya is set to partner with the United Nations agency for information and communication technology, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), to promote the safety of girls’ online.

Addressing journalists at the launch of Plan International Kenya’s charity programme to highlight the digital divide and abuse of girls on social media platforms, ICT Cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru said that government restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 have led to an increased online presence, especially for girls, as schools have been closed for a long time. 

“We are going to initiate a partnership with ITU in order to protect our young girls from online predators as we have recorded increased cases of online harassment,” Mucheru said

He added the advent of technology has brought about numerous advantages to the economy but also poses threats. 

“We want our girls to be free both in the natural world and in the digital platforms so that they can participate in online activities like any other citizen without being harassed,” Mucheru said. 

CS Mucheru said that through enhanced surveillance of cyberspace, Kenya will reduce barriers that promote the digital divide.

Kenya is keen to promote uptake of digital skills among its citizens, especially the learners still in school, Mucheru said. 

Every pupil should be prepared for the digital world as more jobs move online, he said. 

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