Is CBC Convenient for Every Child?

By Khadija Mbesa

The Competency-Based Curriculum that was unveiled to replace the 8-4-4 system focuses on the ability of the student to learn alone and develop relevant skills, changing the emphasis from the tradition of chalk teaching..

Every child has a right to Education, that means accessible education. But is CBC easy accessible to every child?, yes they will be taught by teachers in School, but then what will happen whey they are given homework?.

Not every child has a literate parent/ guardian, and not every child is from urban areas where they can access internet or smartphones. We all know that CBC is all about communication and collaboration, Critical thinking and problem solving, self efficacy, digital literacy and most of all imagination and creativity.

This system was made to sharpen the skills of a child, hence going home with different approach of creativity homework, But then, this system is inconveniencing illiterate parents and guardians who do not know how to read, use a smartphone and make creative arts.

Parents have been complaining that the home work is too hard for the children to tackle making them step up and tackle it for them. So my Question is, is the CBC made for the children or for their parents?

children should be tasked with what they can do independently without relying on their parents.

A child living with an old guardian who doesn’t have access to digital gadgets, and is illiterate without any creativity mind, wont be able to tackle an assignment, hence going back to school without finishing the homework.

Teachers should therefore monitor their students closely, know their backgrounds and help them instead. This will be the only way where every Child would be able to enjoy CBC. Every Child has a right to have equal opportunities in Education, despite their backgrounds!

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