Healthy, happy child!

By Vera Alberta Okidi

Every year, on the 7th of April, the world celebrates the gift of good health. World Health Day is an event that commemorates global health awareness. With a lot of things going on in the world right now, including pollution of air, water and other things, new viruses and diseases, natural calamities and so on, it is a little hard to stay healthy, especially for the children.

A few years back, none of us thought that there would be something as corona virus. It disrupted world economies, disrupted normal politics and even the social lives of people. Worst thing it did, though, was interfere with the health sector globally. Nobody has been spared since the first case was reported in Wuhan, China. Not even children. Now it is a little hard to protect the children considering they are playful and would like to associate with their fellow children. Their health is at risk.

While most parents will tell their children not to go outside because of the risk of contracting corona virus, they fail to understand that the child’s body needs some sun and fresh air and maybe change of environment, a little running around here and there. Vitamin D is needed, for strong and healthy bones and even healthy skin. Corona virus has hit hard and the risk factors it has come with are complicated. Parents are cautious enough to not let their kids go out to play and contract the virus, whereas children want to spend their holidays like they used to, B.C (before corona).

Corona virus may be one of the things affecting the health of everyone including children but it certainly isn’t the only one. Hunger is also something to look at when it comes to health. What do I mean? Close to 100 million people die each year because of malnourishment. One of the internationally agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals aims to completely get rid of hunger by 2030. While hunger may be caused by poverty, famine and even floods, it has been determined that malnourishment is one thing that is affecting the health of people, including children. Nutritionists and dieticians have tried to ensure the education of masses on the importance of balanced diet, especially to children to ensure they grow healthy. Educating them is not a problem: poverty, high taxes, lack of jobs to get the money to buy healthy supplies, natural calamities and the likes are what affect them more.

The theme for celebrating World Health Day this year (2021) is building a fairer and healthier world for everyone. World Health Organization has been on the forefront of making sure a solution is on the way for the deadly virus. Vaccines have been distributed across the world to ensure people get vaccinated in a bid to reduce the risk of infections and pangs of the virus. Their mission is to ensure the world is safer and healthier. While it may feel different for children across the world because of the deadly virus that has threatened to take over the world, all we can hope for is their health and wellbeing. A healthy child is a happy child. Parents and guardians should look into the health of their young ones by ensuring their immunity is boosted to fight infections. As said by Anne M. Mulcahy, “investing in childhood nutrition is surefire strategy, the returns are incredibly high

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