Every child has a right to shelter irrespective of their economic status

Photo: Planned Parenthood supporters donating food baskets at the Nakuru informal settlement areas.

By Veronica Bosibori

The Director for Planned Parenthood in Nakuru County, Agnes Mwamburi, has said every child requires a warm home and most preferably where both parents live irrespective of their economic status.

Speaking, during a workshop at a local hotel, she said several research studies have proved that family stability has proved to be a stronger predictor than the family socio-economic status for a child’s proper development and productive citizen hood.

“Family stability has proved to be a stronger predictor than the socio-economic aspect in a children’s lives,” she said.

She appealed to the government to reconsider the mushrooming of orphanages in the counties and instead concentrate on supporting families to take care of their families.

Ms. Mwamburi noted with concern that the Covid-19 pandemic has made life difficult, especially for families at informal settlement areas and feared that a number of such families might give children to orphanages and relatives.

She said the mental damage such foster homes create in children was too costly for society to bear, hence the need for supporting nuclear families with the basic needs to enable them, mold their children to be better citizens.  

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