Equity Wings to Fly to Stop Sponsoring Indiscipline Students

By Lydia Gichuki

Equity Bank has warned that it will stop sponsoring indiscipline students in their Wings to Fly program.

Speaking during the commissioning 0f 422 students’ beneficiaries at Garrisa University, Equity Bank marketing manager, David Nyamu said that the program will only sponsor students who are well behaved.

He added that they are partnering with the government to weed them out of the program to ensure that only disciplined needy students are selected.

‘We will not allow students who have been involved in wayward behavior in school to join the program. They have to be disciplined and have good conduct and we are working together with the government to weed them out,’ he said

“This is a God-given opportunity for the beneficiaries because so many vulnerable children had applied for the program and missed the slots. We don’t want to hear that students under this program are the ones misbehaving in schools,’ he added

Garissa Township Deputy county commissioner Solomon Komen said the government will not hesitate to take action towards wayward students.

For2022/2023 Form One selection cycles, Equity Group has committed to spending Sh 2 billion to support 2,000 bright needy students joining secondary schools.

Last year, Equity Group Foundation had 10,705 slots for scholarship programs but received over 114,000 applications signifying high level of need for scholarship.

Through the Elimu scholarship program, Wings to fly, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, is fully funding 37,000 students for secondary education this year.

The comprehensive scholarship covers school fees, shopping, transportation, and pocket money for selected kids.

Photo Credit; Equity Group Foundation

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