Enhancing Social Interaction

Social Interaction and Development

Children need to social interact for them to blossom in life as they grow

Social development refers to the process by which a child learns to interact with others around them. As they develop and perceive their own individuality within their community, they also gain skills to communicate with other people and process their actions.

Research indicate that children need to spend quality time with others as too much time for a child alone can make them lose touch. Spending time with other is good for everyone’s soul including children.

Over the past decade, social interaction has been under threat both on adults and children; most especially where lifestyles have become more transient as we heavily rely on digital tool.

Most of us spend an incredible amount of time glued on our gadgets which also translate to our children in the name of trying to keep them busy or stop them from nudging for our attention.

As human beings, we are social animals who crave for contact with others for support and wellbeing. There are numerous way to enhance social interaction for children as they need it to thrive, grow and develop to maturity.

Compelling evidence suggests that; children can attain social interaction for development through:

Social emotional skills-children matching faces with how they feel that day. Non-verbal communication is another important component of social interaction for children.

Play-staring contest, roll the ball, virtual play, economic charade, expression mimicking games, improvisation of stories, rhythm games, playing character etc.

Importance of social interactions

The right socially interactive environment will help children develop strong language skills, creativity, social intelligence, and confidence.

Interacting and playing with both peers and adults presents an immense amount of learning opportunities for young children. 

Language Development-Language involves using symbols and making connections to communicate and understand ideas. Strong language skills are due mostly to practicing communication with others.

Creativity and Imagination-Playing and interacting with others allows children to gain inspiration and insight from other minds in order to master new concepts in a fun and creative way. 

Children also learn the value of controlling impulses and curbing aggressive behavior in a social setting. 

Self-Esteem-Strong self-esteem and confidence allow children to be more comfortable and successful in a future school or career setting. Social interaction is important for the immediate and long-term future of children. 

Social development can have on general communication skills, many researchers believe that having healthy relationships with peers (from preschool on up) allows for adjustment to different school settings and challenges.

Teamwork is a skill that will be useful throughout life, and it is founded on the principles of sharing, communicating, compromising, and working towards common goals

Social interaction is one of the most important aspects of any child’s development. The benefits will have a lifelong effect on the child and by making sure that they are given a chance for social interaction early, it is ensured that the child will have a solid foundation for their social skills as they grow and eventually become an adult.


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