Don calls for harmonized caning, guidance and counselling in schools

University don, Dr. Kut Ochogo issues a uniform to one of the needy Mulaha primary school pupil

By Philip Onyango

A university don Dr. Kut Ochogo has called for harmonization of corporal punishment, guidance and counselling to curb rising cases on indiscipline in schools.

 Ochogo said whereas corporal punishment was outlawed, it could still be applied in special circumstances to make errant students realise their mistakes.

He was speaking at Mulaha Anglican Church in Siaya town when he led members of Team Kut to donate uniforms to 20 needy pupils of Mulaha primary school.

 The university don said guidance and counselling alone has failed to improve discipline amongst students hence the need for the government and stakeholders to think of the best way to curb rising cases of unrest that result into damage of property and even loss of lives.

 “Guidance and counselling is a psychological way of dealing with children but we have some children who cannot understand anything said in a peaceful way. They want some kind of pain to be inflicted into them to realise that what they are doing is wrong,” said Ochogo, a former member of the Siaya county public service board.

Ochogo said people should not demonize caning in schools but look into the positive side of it, adding that even in homes children who are denied the cane whenever they err end up becoming wild.

On distribution of uniforms by Team Kut, the don said a total of 540 pupils from 27 schools spread across Alego / Usonga constituency will benefit from the initiative.

He said that the initiative that targets very needy cases was taken on realization that many children drop out of school because of lack of uniform, with those with tattered ones being ridiculed by their colleagues.

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