Developers urged to include children washrooms in structural plans

The busy Nairobi –Nakuru highway that is without public washrooms.  

By Veronica Bosibori

Developers of public buildings such as malls, restaurants, petrol stations and bus termini in the country have been urged to consider including children washrooms in their construction plans so as to create a safe and conducive environment for the youngsters. 

The Vice Chairperson of the National Construction Authority (NCA) Eng. Zipporah Chemutai Rotich said for a long time parents with young children have struggled to get safe washroom for their children and it was time to include that essential requirement in structural plans. 

She noted that in many foreign countries that was a requirement for all public building and there wasn’t any compromise about it because they are careful on their children’s safety. 

Speaking during a stakeholder’s meeting on the new National Construction Code,2020 at a Nakuru hotel, Rotich said currently, children are forced to share public washrooms with grown-ups and some of them find it embarrassing and uncomfortable because most of the facilities are only provided for the two genders without caring for age-specific requirements. 

Last month, the Nakuru County Chief Public Officer, Samuel Kingo’ri announced to the relief of travelers that public washrooms will be constructed along the busy Nairobi-Nakuru highway. 

He noted that time was ripe to end the discomfiture, awkwardness and humiliation of travelers relieving themselves in bushes along the highway.

 However, other counties have not announced similar plans.  

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