Concerns raised over issues of defilement in Nambale Sub County

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By Salome Alwanda

Busia Sub County Children’s Officer Patrick Mukolwe has raised concerns over the rising cases of defilement in  Nambale Sub County.

Speaking to the media, Mukolwe stated that perpetrators of such evil acts are people well known to the victims and more so close relatives.

“As per now, defilers are not strangers to our children but they are people well known to the children, the caregivers,” he said, adding that this is the major trigger of abuse.

He urged the local community to be very vigilant and ensure that children are protected from all kinds of abuse.

The children officer disclosed that five to ten cases of defilement are reported across the county on a weekly basis.

“Cases of physical abuse are also on the rise due to low income in various households, domestic issues making parents extend their anger to their children, ” he said.

Mukolwe further said that his team is working closely with other partners to sensitize the community to ensure that children are protected.

“Partners have assisted us to have safe places for custody of victims until they heal before we release them back to society.

Within this week alone two government officers including a head teacher and a ward administrator have been arrested and taken to court for allegedly defiling minors in Nambale Sub County.

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