Children’s voices: How I got corona. 10 years old Karen Mwikoma

By Karen Mwikoma

So you might be wondering how I got Crona. I got it in a pretty obvious way I got it from my mom, crazy right. My mom got it from a meeting she went to in town then she brought it to us. 

We were fine for a few days we even went to the national park anyway we were fine but after 1 day the symptoms started rolling in first my Mom started feeling tired and stayed in bed for 2 days straight but she came down for dinner that was the only time she came down. Next it was my aunt, she had fever then it was me I had headache and my throat was itchy but my brother weirdly was fine.

On Tuesday 11/08/2020 me and my family went to get tested, it was really uncomfortable. They used a cotton swab kinda it goes so deep in your nose and mouth I really do not want to go through that again so we had to wait for about 5 days for the results but they came out. WE HAD CORONA. I was so shocked that I was Covid positive but the good thing we were almost done with quarantine so I was happy kinda.

So that is how I got corona

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