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child participation

We believe that children should be seen as players and not just spectators and hence we capacitate children and create safe platform that allows them to meaningfully participate. We are working to create and strengthen child-led initiatives where children lead in matters that

  • Adult to child-friendly Language interpreta�on

    We specialize in offering language interpretation services that cater to the needs of children to make learning and content consumption child-palatable. We understand that explaining complex subjects to children is not easy and chances of miscommunication are high.

  • Child-friendly materials

    Apart from providing child-friendly language interpretation services, we also specialize in creating customized content, as well as designing and printing booklets and banners to meet your specific needs.

  • Child-friendly App/website

    We also offer specialised services in child-friendly app and website development. We understand the importance of creating digital experiences that are safe, engaging, and educational for young users.