About agenda 2040

 The African child needs special safeguards and care because of the unique factors in the African continent. The Charter also sought to adopt an African approach, taking into consideration the “values of African civilization, which should inspire and characterize their reflection on the concept of the rights and welfare of the child. 

The content of the Charter is similar to that of the UN Convention: many of the rights are the same but it does differ in a number of ways.


  • To restore the dignity of the African child by assessing the achievements and challenges faced towards the effective implementation of the African Children’s Charter.


  • Children’s voices on the implementation of Agenda 2040.
  • Children as Actorsin the implementation of Agenda 2040.
  • Empowering Children to take action in Monitoring the Implementation of Agenda 2040

Child Participation

Responsibilities of child participation


  • children have a responsibility to ensure their voices are heard by participating through the formal channels of participation of and/or informally.


  • voicing is at an end on it’s own, children can be involved in monitoring and holding decision makers accountable for implementing their recommendations and ensuring that decision makers keep their promises.


  • Children are not passive recipients of rights, but they can contribute in ensuring the realization of their rights and implementing some important actions. 


  • Child participation is an empowerment right11, children can empower themselves and other children to be actors.


To engage children and collect their voices, a mixed methodology was used which aimed at getting both quantitative and qualitative data

data collection

Online survey

This is front side content.

An online survey was deployed and the survey was translated into French, Arabic and Swahili. For those who could not 

access the online version, it was printed and shared for children to fill in and later the data entered into the online data

Essay and Drawing


Acknowledging that children express themselves differently, an essay and drawing competition was held. 100 children responded to the competition sending their views of an Africa fit for children.

Children Forums

As part of collecting children’s voices, we also transcribed children voices from 10 children forums. The forums took place between June 1 2020 to June 12th 2021. The Forums were attended by children from across African with an average of 50 children attending each forum.

Literature Review

We also reviewed reports and data colected on the implementation of the Charter and Agenda 2040. We have been keen to compare these reports.



Children Voices on Implementation of the Agenda 2040

The African Children’s Charter, As Supervised by the African Children’s Committee, Provides An Effective Continental Framework For Advancing Children’s Rights.

Children’s Recommendations on the Implementation of Aspiration 1 Children views on what they want governments to do;
41% of the children want the governments to ensure protection of their rights,
To make it known to children
13% want more awareness and implementation of the charter .
To give more information on it
16% said they don’t know
To be taught in school
They want to be involved more in the work of the committee so that they can understand how the committee works in protecting them.
That framework be followed
talk to children so that they can know about it
All children’s rights be safeguarded
They want to see their governments doing more in implementing the charter.
They need to be present when the Committee comes together to discuss children’s needs so that they may learn more about Agenda 2040.