In this booklet, you will learn about Africa, countries that are in Africa, What AU entails and the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child.


In 1991, the African Union developed a document that has rights for children. The document is known as the African Charter on The Rights and Welfare of the Child (Children’s Charter).

What will you learn in this course?


Aspiration 1

This goal is about the children’s charter.
The Charter is made up of children rights

Aspiration 2

This goal is important so that
children can understand the laws
that protect and serve them.

Aspiration 3

This goal shows that every child has a right
to belong and their information recorded.

Aspiration 4

It means that every child has a right
to life and good quality health care.

Aspiration 5

For a child to survive they need a sufficient
nutritious meal that is well balanced.

Aspiration 6

Every child has a right to quality basic education.
No child should be out of school. Even children
with disabilities should have access to education
and the right services and tools to learn.

Aspiration 7

Children should not face violence, Aspiration 7 exploitation, abuse or neglect

Aspiration 8

Children who are in contact with the law or
under the justice system also have rights
and they should be protected.

Aspiration 9

Every child should live free from conflict.
This means war has to be stopped in
Africa because it is harming children.

Aspiration 10

Children have a right to give an
opinion on issues affecting them.
They have the right to be involved
in the decision making process.