A Primary School Teacher Found Indecently assaulting his Pupil


By Constance Ndeleko

A primary school teacher was found coarsely assaulting his pupil at a swimming pool during a school tour on Saturday in Mtito Andei.

Detectives learnt that the school had planned a tour for its 32 KCPE candidates to Tsavo Inn Hotel located in Mtito Andei, entrusting a few teachers with their care, among them Kioko and Nduva.

Ignorant of the school rules that encumbered intrusion of personal space between male teachers and female pupils, the suspects merged into the pool where several kids had taken over the aquatic kingdom.

Reports from the DCI indicates that, ‘Mr. Joseph Nduva Wambua and his counterpart Mike Kioko, both teachers at Step Up Zion Academy Nthongoni in Makueni’s Mtito Andei, were spotted by a disturbed female customer doing the filthy act.’


The occurrence was reported by the lady customer to the DCI via a phone conversation stating that, the said perverted teachers were touching two 13-year-old girls in the false cover of the clear swimming pool. The lady observed the incident from her table when she was called the DCI.

Promptly responding to the lady’s phone call, detectives hurried to the scene just in time as the two teachers were darting into escape routes.

While Kioko succeeded to dodge the officers’ quest, Nduva was nabbed and placed in custody, pending his arraignment on Monday 22.

Meanwhile, investigative interviewing is ongoing at the school, as manhunt for Kioko continues with one suspect in police custody.

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