24 students killed at a suicide bombing in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul

A man who lost his brother in the attack (R) is comforted at a hospital in Kabul. Photo: Reuters

By Amanda Wakesho

A suicide bombing in an education center in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, on Saturday left 24 people including teenage students dead and dozens wounded.

The explosion at the private facility, which offers courses for students in higher education, occurred late in the afternoon, the interior ministry said.

The building in the predominantly Shia Muslim Dasht-e-Barchi area usually hosts hundreds of students.

Security had identified a bomber who detonated explosives in the street outside the Kawsar-e Danish center according to to the Ministry of Interior Spokesman, Tariq Arian.

Reports from their health ministry stated that, most of the victims were students aged between 15 and 26, also those left with injuries due to the attack are around 57.

A Taliban spokesman on Twitter has denied responsibility for the attack and it coincidentally comes at a sensitive time when teams of the government and the insurgent are meeting in Qatar to seek a peace deal.

There were numerous that bags that had been laid out on a nearby hospital floor, containing remains of those killed and family members gathered to search for their missing loved ones.

In a Telegram statement, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing even though they haven’t provided evidence.

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